1. Since the school is an English Medium Institution, students are encouraged and strongly urged to speak, converse and communicate in English. 2. The wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Wearing of jewelery of bringing of money or expensive articles to school is prohibited. School shall not be responsible for loss of any such item.

3. If at any instance, it is determined by the Principal that the conduct or performance of the student is in conflict with or adversely affecting the interests of the school, the enrolment of the student can be revoked with immediate effect and the decision of the Principal shall be final in this regard.

4. Irregular attendance, insubordination to the teachers, habitual in attention towards school work, obstinacy in words & deeds, willful and repeated breach of any school regulations are liable to constitute sufficient grounds for considering the dismissal of a student.

5. It is essential that students attend the school on the first day of the session and on the first day of resumption o session after a long vacation. Absence will result in the students name being struck off the school rolls unless prior information explaining the absence on reasonable grounds has been given to the school.

6. Any breach of discipline, regularity and other rules as well as damage done to school property shall invite disciplinary action by the Principal which may include imposition of fine also.

7. The employees of our school are not permitted to accept material gifts or invitations from any student.

8. Our teachers are not permitted to undertake any private coaching or tuition of any student enrolled in their institution.

9. A student granted the usage of bus facility shall have to pay bus fee every term in the entire session not withstanding his/her dis-continuation ofusage of the bus facility in any term for any reason whatsoever.

10. The Principal is available in the school for consultations with parents between 9:30 A.M. on all working days or at any time with prior appointment.

NOTE : The Board ofManagement reserves the right. I. To alter the rules at any time or without prior notice. II. To revise all rates of fee at any time with or without prior notice.