Recommendation To Parents

NOTE : The word "Parent" herein is meant to apply both to parents as well as guardians.

1. Parents and guardians should be fully aware of the rules & regulations contained in the prospectus.

2. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities and help to enforce the practice of neatness, discipline, regularity and punctuality in their wards.

3. Parents are requested to help to inculcate at attitude of politeness, courtesy, sense of cleanliness and civil manners in the behaviour of their wards. Also guardians must note that students are expected to uphold the moral and discipline or morals will be liable to dismissal. Such a dismissed student will have his/her admission revoked forth with. No request for re-admission will be entertained thereafter. struck off the rolls without any notice. Re-admission writ be subject to rules for re-admission along with payment of re-admission fee.

4. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards reach school fifteen minutes before time, late corners will not be allowed in parents leaving off their children at the gate will be doing so at their own risk.

5. Parents should arrange to take their wards back home within thirty minutes after the school has given over. After this time the school shall not be responsible for the custody of their children.

6. Parents should ensure that all the personal belonging of their wards such as blazers, pullovers, tiffin boxes, bags, belts, ties etc., are labeled and that their ward does not bring any valuable articles to school. School shall not be responsible for any lost item.

7. Parents should inspire and encourage their wards to participate actively in all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities of the school and to take all the examination of the school seriously.

8. Parents should ensure that their wards attend school regularly. An absence of a pupil on medical grounds must be intimated by an application for leave from the parents. If a pupil continues to be absent without any application for more than a week, his/her name shall be No article of food or drink will be allowed to be delivered separately to the students during school

9. No,. leave for absence shall be granted during examination. Absence on medical grounds will be sanctioned provided the application is certified by a registered medical practitioner.

10. No pupil who has been found to be absent from the school on account of ailment of any infectious or communicable disease will be permitted on recovery to resume attendance at the school till he/she brings a certificate of fitness from a registered medical practitioner. Parents are requested to abstain from entering the class rooms directly or meeting any student or staff during school hours without prior of the Principal.

12. Parents are requested not to sent for or call away their wards from the school once they have reported for attendance. Premature departure will be granted only in emergent cases and that too only under escort of the parent/guardian whose identities are in proper conformity with the school's records and to the satisfaction of the Principal.

13. Parents must ensure that their wards bring along with themselves their tiffins and water bottles.

14. If a child is absent for a particular, test, no retest will be given. Promotion will be granted on the basis of performance over the entire year's work.

15. In case of occurrence of any change in address or telephone number it must be immediately notified to the school office in writing to enable the records to be undated appropriately.

16. While corresponding with the school authorities, parents are requested to refer to the name of their wards, the class and the section for immediate and due action.

17. Parents are requested to take active interest in the progress of their wards. They must put their signatures in the diary as and when required in order to acknowledge their cognizance of any information sent by the school authorities that deserves their attention.

18. Parents are requested to attend all the parent teacher meetings which are held from time to time in the interest of their wards and to extend full Co-operation to teachers.

19. The Lionduct of the parent or guardians in the school is expected to be understanding, courteous and polite. Any misconduct or misbehaviour tantamount to harassment will render the person concerned inadmisSible for any future entry into the school premises thereafter.