Principal's Message

Welcome to Shri Omar Vaish Vidyapeeth Manbodan Prasad Public School. It gives me immense pleasure to share my views with you. As a person associated with this great institution for the last three years. I feel a sense of satisfaction and pride. Every year our school is heading towards to create opportunities for our students to be equipped with leadership skills and 21st century competencies. These skills and dispositions reflect our desired outcomes for every student. We acknowledge that melding the future of our nation requires the collective effort of school, parents and the community. I am highly delighted to see our students have taken interest in different fields like subject’s Olympiads, sports, cultural programs etc.

Each child is unique – Some are good in studies, some in sports, some in dancing, some in singing etc. The aim of arranging different co-curricular activities is to bring out the hidden talent of each child, to engage them in creativity and to channelizing their energy into fruitful work. Extending my heartiest wishes to Manbodhan family. I am highly thankful to our dedicated and dynamic school manager Shri Surendra Kumar Gupta (Goldiee) ji for his great support.

At last I am confident that guidance of our school Secretary Dr. Shyam Babu Gupta, General Manager Shri Bal Krishna Gupta and other associate managers of committee. Manbodhan Prasad Public School will always be a beacon, guiding the destiny of its students, radiating kindness, as it soars high in its pursuit of academic excellence and in the fulfilment of school motto lighting the world.

I thank all our parents who have always been supportive in helping us.

God bless you.